With our subtitling course you can learn subtitling
into any language.

The course material contains English-spoken video files. The target language can be almost any language, including English.

After having finished the course you will be able to subtitle in any language combination, provided your translation skills are  up to it.

Outline of the Comprehensive Subtitling Course

The Comprehensive Course enables you to learn subtitling in three months whatever your language, provided you have a good knowledge of English.

The Comprehensive Subtitling Course covers also subtitling for the hearing-impaired (captioning), SLS (Same Language Subtitling) and voice-over translations.

The 3 modules of the Comprehensive Course
(ideal duration: 12 weeks, 12 hours per week)

Module 1, timing with the subtitling software

Duration: 3 to 4 weeks
Description: Familiarizing yourself with the subtitling software and the most important subtitling terms, subtitling a pretimed video file, learning how to pretime. 
Feedback: At the end of this Module you will send in 25 timed subtitles with random text for feedback.

Module 2, basic subtitling skills

Duration: 4 to 6 weeks
Description: Learning to apply all the subtitling rules, practicing condensing, subtitling different video files from scratch. 
Feedback: You can comment on files made by other students, and other students can comment on yours: a very effective way of learning.
At the end of this Module you will get our feedback on 25 subtitles. 

Module 3, advanced subtitling skills

Duration: 4 to 6 weeks
Description: Subtitling more diverse and more difficult video files. The course material will encourage and help you to raise the standard of your work to a higher level.
Feedback, evaluation and certificate: At the end of this module, you will get evaluation of 25 subtitles. In addition you'll get your Certificate sent to you by post.

Further details

You will be made a member of the discussion group. By e-mailing the group or visiting the group page, you will be able to exchange subtitle files with other students, giving and receiving free feedback. Occasionally, tips and job offers will be published on the group page.

We give free live support. You can chat with me in the afternoon or early evening, asking questions and solving problems.

After enrolling you will be able to downlaod the course material through Google Drive (if your internet connection is too slow we will send it to you by post). It contains everything you need to do the course.

The Step-by-step Guide will lead you through each module and encourage you with reminders and questions.

With the Log you will keep track of your own progress and make sure you continue practising.

The video files are well-chosen, from a nature documentary in Module 1 to more difficulet English and American videos in Module 3. In a folder 'extra' you will find 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' to try your hand at.

Students and ex-students are eligible for a discount of 20% on Spot software. Do you want to buy Spot software, just send me an e-mail.

Screen shots

A page of the Step-by-step Guide

Step-by-step guide


A page of the E-book:
and easily scannable at a later stage

E-book of Module 2

The course material

contents of Module 2 on the DVD

A fragment of one of the mind maps
enabling you to scan the rules very quickly

Fragment of one of the mindmaps

the demomovies of the course

screen shot demomovies

You will work with Spot's trial version, it's included in the course material and allows you to save 25 subtitles every time.

Spot in rehearse

Spot software, in rehearse

The discussion group
to exchange files and comments with other students

the discussion group of The Comprehensive Subtitling Course

At the end of each module you will get feedback on 25 subtitles, keeping you on the right track.

At the end of the course you will get a final evaluation and a certificate. 


Additional details

Included with the course is a simple document that nonetheless can be a great help: your own Log, to be filled in weekly and delivered together with each feedback request. 

On average, this course takes about three months to complete, but you can do it more slowly if you want to.

Should you not complete the subtitling course, you will have all the necessary material to do so at a later stage. Also, we will give you your feedbacks, evaluation and certificate even if you continue your course one year later or more.

The course can be an enjoyable first step toward a successful career as a subtitler, and will certainly give you extra skills as a translator.