The basic language combination is English-English.

Course feedback is available for students whose first language is English, German, Portuguese and Brazilian.

If your native language is different to those listed above, it is recommended that you complete the course in English, and then use the skills you have attained to translate and subtitle in your preferred language.

Outline of the Comprehensive Subtitling Course

The story behind it
By 1999, I was the editor-in-chief of the brand new Amsterdam branch of subtitling company Broadcast Text International, where part of my remit was to teach new employees the process of subtitling from scratch. A process that I very much enjoyed and found rewarding – with best possible quality subtitles always the ultimate goal.

I quickly became aware that most beginners tended to make the same mistakes and encountered the same difficulties when beginning their subtitling journey. And this is how the course came about . Because of my background as a mechanical engineer, I wanted the process to be as quick and streamlined and user-friendly as possible. I wanted to develop clever and easy-to-use timing, condensing and translation systems. Wouldn’t it be fantastic, I thought, if the quality of our subtitling was simply the very best available?

This is how the course evolved. And because it proved such a huge success in The Netherlands, I developed an international version that has become a complete professional, online subtitling course, and is available for all English-speaking students anywhere in the world.

And by the way, the Amsterdam branch of Broadcast Text International became the largest, and, according to many, the best subtitling firm in The Netherlands.

In a few words
This course enables you to learn subtitling in three months, provided you have a good knowledge of English. It consists mainly of practising, to be done by you. The files for feedback at the end of each phase are not to be regarded as tasks or assignments, they are insights for us to help you stay on the right track.
The course covers also subtitling for the hearing-impaired (captioning), voice-over translations and SLS (Same Language Subtitling).
The ideal duration: 12 weeks, 12 hours per week spread out over the week.
Course fee: € 380.- (VAT excluded, see info pdf).

The 3 modules

Module 1, timing
Duration: 3 to 4 weeks
Description: Familiarizing yourself with the subtitling software and the most important subtitling terms, subtitling a pretimed video file, learning how to pretime. 
Feedback: At the end of this Module you will send in 25 timed subtitles with random text for feedback.

Module 2, basic subtitling skills
Duration: 4 to 6 weeks
Description: Learning to apply all the subtitling rules, practicing condensing, subtitling different video files from scratch. 
Feedback: Commenting on files made by other students, and receiving comments from them on yours: a very effective way of learning. And at the end our feedback on 25 subtitles. 

Module 3, advanced subtitling skills
Duration: 4 to 6 weeks
Description: Subtitling more diverse and more difficult video files. The material will encourage and help you to raise the standard of your work to a higher level.
Feedback, evaluation and certificate: At the end of this module, you will receive evaluation on 25 subtitles. In addition we will send you your signed certificate.

Further details

You will be made a member of the discussion group, to enable you to exchange subtitle files with other students, giving and receiving extra feedback. Occasionally, tips and job offers will be posted on the group.

We give free live support. You can chat with us, asking questions and solving problems.

The Step-by-step Guide will lead you through each module and encourage you with reminders and questions.

The E-book is a very clever studying tool, containing all the translating and subtitling experience of its maker. Because of the special set-up you can start scanning parts of it after a few weeks, and at a later stage you can jump to the mindmaps to rehearse the many rules and subrules even faster.

The video files are well-chosen, from a nature documentary in Module 1 to more difficulet English and American videos in Module 3. In a folder 'extra' you will find 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' to try your hand at.

The files for feedback that you will deliver at the end of each phase, which consists mainly of practising, are not tasks or assignments, they are insights in your learning process to enable us to help you stay on the right track.

Students and ex-students are eligible for a discount of 20% on Spot software. Just sending us an e-mail is enough.

Screen shots

A page of the Step-by-step Guide

Step-by-step guide


A page of the E-book
easily scannable

E-book of Module 2


The course material

contents of Module 2 on the DVD


A fragment of one of the mind maps
enabling you to scan the rules very quickly

the demomovies of the course

screen shot demomovies

You will study with Spot's trial version
which is included in the course material

Spot in rehearse

Spot software, in rehearse